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Restoration Peer Group – Managing a Restoration Company for Success

Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, there is nothing more inspiring than being part of a peer group to support you and help you grow on your journey. The Restoration Circle is a built-in Advisory Board of professionals who understand what you are dealing with because they have been there before or are going through the exact thing. The opportunity is to tap into others’ areas of expertise, learn from each other’s successes and mistakes and be challenged by the facilitator to take your operation to the next level. What is better than learning from your mistakes? Learning from other’s mistakes; it is cheaper. Did you ever notice that when you say a problem out loud it sometimes does not seem as bad as you made it out to be….say it out loud to your Restoration Circle. You will get knowledge, passion, information and valuable tools.


Space is limited to 12 Companies per group.

To speak to someone or learn more about the Restoration Circle – email: Lisa Lavender or Scott Miller

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