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Marketing That Works

Roughly half of all customers read reviews before hiring a restoration contractor and 85% of consumers said they trusted reviews just as much as a recommendation. Despite their importance, many companies still don’t have a strategy for getting reviews. While some assume customers will leave a review on their own, the majority of companies are not asking […]

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Restoring Success: Accounting For Contractors

When I received my degree in accounting from Penn State in 1996, I did not realize I would be using these valuable skills to start and grow a restoration company. Managing and understanding the accounting within your organization is important to the overall health of your company. Accounting practices and information are not just for owners and managers it […]

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Restoring Success: The Curious Restorer

One of the greatest gifts to the modern restorer both new and seasoned is the almost limitless amounts of resources available to us in the context of information and advice. I believe good restorers don’t necessarily know everything; but rather, they are resourceful. Information seeking is a competency that helps us grow professionally in many […]

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Restoring Success: A New Tech Under Your Wing

Starting a new career in the restoration industry can be a bit intimidating to many. After searching high and low for a new technician, you find a new tech; now what? The next step is to get them up and running and engage them in his/her new career. The most basic things we must provide to […]

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Restoring Success: Assignment of Responsibility

“Who left that job site in that condition?”Who was responsible for the job site that day?“Who didn’t get the oil changed in the truck?”Who is responsible for that and do they know they are responsible for it?“Why can’t we get the warehouse reorganized?”There is a highly engaged group who want to help but nobody is […]

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Opportunity In Power Of The New Year

It seems cliché to start out the New Year with goals, resolutions, and plans; therefore, I was reluctant to present the New Year check list for a restoration organization. After pondering, I realized there is opportunity within the power of the New Year. For many, it is a time to set goals oriented towards improvement. […]

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The Four F’s of Restoration: Fear, Fun, Failure, and Family

Kids, dog, new house, all in the year 2000, I was 26 years old and working as an accountant, pregnant with my second child. My life was going as I had planned: graduated college, got a job, got married, got a dog, had children, and bought my first home.Very pregnant with my second child, my […]

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IICRC Water Restoration Technician (WRT) Class: The RTI Experience

From December 5 – 7, we enjoyed hosting a full class of industry professionals at our IICRC Water Restoration Technician (WRT) CEC Course. Students enjoyed learning from IICRC certified instructor, Ron Valega, of TMC Group in Medina, Ohio and our own IICRC certified Director of Education, Stephan Schumm. The second day of classes allowed students to engage in hands-on […]

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Working Together SEO

Recently, we hosted a complimentary webinar presented by Drew Johnson,Co-Founder of 33 Mile Radius, a lead generation service for water damage businesses.If you missed the live webinar, you can catch it on YouTube here to learn how tohelp your small businesses grow through local SEO fundamentals and online reviews.Posted 20th November 2017 by Angela Cremer

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