Estimatics 102

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1 CEC Learn the fundamentals of the estimating process as it relates to insured property losses. This course offers an insightful and objective presentation of some basic principles of estimate writing as it applies to the insurance industry. As Restorers, we are delivering on the promise that we will restore our customers’ property to a pre-loss condition. The key to achieving this is knowing how to write estimates that are both thorough and accurate. In addition, developing our estimating skills and writing estimates that align with the insurance policy will have the added benefit helping to strengthen our relationships with Insurance Adjusters.

Who will benefit from taking this class:

  • Owners and managers
  • Estimators with all levels of experience
  • Field staff from crew staff to team leaders
  • Marketing and communications personnel

Knowing how will benefit your business:

  • Increased Revenue & Profitability
  • Credibility
  • Accountability
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling

Types of estimates you will learn about:

  • Emergency & Restoration Services
  • Contents
  • Structure




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