Understanding the Proper Use of Moisture Meters Part 1 (Recorded Webinar)

Understanding the Proper Use of Moisture Meters Part 1 (Recorded Webinar)


Instructor: Chuck Boutall

Water Mitigation and Documentation: Meters are important instruments in the process of managing and mitigating water and moisture related damage and issues. This introductory course gives you the knowledge and understanding of how meters works and the appropriate applications.

This one hour recorded webinar will teach you how to use invasive and non-invasive moisture meters including how they work and what materials and scenarios to which they apply.

Key Topics:

    • Thermo-Hygrometers: Using and Choosing
    • What a Moisture Meter is and How it Works
    • Common Mistakes of Moisture Meters – They don’t even Measure Moisture
    • Metering Techniques and Important Information Regarding Moisture Content of Common Building Materials
Who Should Attend:

This class is ideal for anyone working in or with industries related to the built environment including but not limited to: Restoration, Facilities & Building Management, Janitorial, Construction, Architects, & Engineers

Why You Should Attend:

- Meters are critical of finding water and moisture related issues
- Meters allow you to manage and verify the drying process and progress
- Meters allow you to evaluate and manage a healthy indoor air environment
- Meters give you the data to properly document and communicate drying, inspection, and evaluation activities


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