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Where you Stuck Wednesdays

Your friends at Restoration Technical Institute are always here for you with a friendly face, ready to brighten your day. We are also ready to help you through this confusing time. So please let us know where you’re stuck!Please send all of your questions and “stucks” to info@restorationtechnicalinstitute.com. We will video record our answers and post them to our […]

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Ask the Expert: Orchestrating an Effective Coronavirus Response | VIDEO!

R&R Editor in Chief Michelle Blevins chats with Lisa Lavender, COO of Berks Fire Water Restorations and the Restoration Technical Institute about three topics related to #coronavirus response: How to protect yourself and your team. How to protect your customers, and what protocols can help.  How to prepare and be ready for what is still to come as this […]

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